Youth Festival for Peace

What is it? / Trajectory / Principles

What is it?

The Youth Festival for Peace is an encounter of youth of the whole world to experience moments of fraternity and spirituality, where prayer, art, music and service are gathered for a proposal for Peace.


Our Trajectory


Connection with the Divine

By means of music, of art, prayer, volunteer services and love to the Kingdoms of Nature, the Youth Festival for Peace aspires to activate on the youth consciousness the meaning of the spiritual re encounter with the self-inner essence.

Love to the kingdoms of Nature

Based on principles of environmental responsibility and conscious consumption, the Youth Festival for Peace calls for the young guardians of the Kingdoms of Nature, that through each small action tries to alleviate the suffering of the Mother Earth.

Vegan diet

As a practical way of experiencing the principle of “Love for the Kingdoms of Nature”, the Youth Festival for Peace offers to the youth present at its free vegan food, showing that it is possible to nourish in a most peaceful, harmonious way with the planet.

Culture for Peace

From the connection of each young person with his or her inner peace essence, the Festival aspires to collaborate on the construction of a Planetary Culture for Peace and of nonviolence to the Kingdoms of Nature.


By gathering the youth of the whole world on a common perspective, the Youth Festival for Peace aspires to experience the fraternity among peoples, cultures, races and creeds. By respecting the cultural baggage of each being, the festival is in search of making space for the expression of their inner potential and for sharing of experiences among brothers and sisters.


The Youth Festival for Peace intends to express the Christic principles of Love and Universal Wisdom. Thus, keeping respect for the great spiritual and philosophical traditions that, from the Eastern to the Western, work for construct an ethic of fraternity among the peoples and of peaceful an evolved relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature and with the planet.


The volunteer and non-profitable work is one of the main notes of the Youth Festival for Peace. As a practical way of living fraternity, the Festival is built by young people that consciously give their hands and hearts to the selfless service to work for Peace by means of each task of the organization of the event.

+ Consciousness

The Youth Festival for Peace is 100% free of alcohol, drugs and smoke. “+Consciousness” means to preserve the consciousness clean, free from external interference, allowing to the youth, on the Festival, to find a secure space to enter at their own inner world. The contact to that what is divine and spiritual corresponds to impulses of the inner worlds of extreme subtleties, that in order to be captive and accepted at the young heart it is necessary some conditions.

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How can you participate? It’s very easy:

Photographing, painting, drawing and/or writing about the attribute of the next online edition of the Youth Festival for Peace: Sowing Love in Humanity.

Follow these steps:

1- Capture what best represents the attribute “Sowing Love in Humanity” in paintings, photographs, poems and all the creations that may emerge.

2- Send your picture to us through our email: “”

3- Share on your social networks and tag our profile:

Instagram: @youth.for.peace

4- If you already have some material published on your Social Networks and feel that you can join this proposal, you can also tag our profile in the publication and send it to us. And if you also have some material stored at home and you felt it’s time to show it, we’ll love it!

The pictures received will be published and shared on our social networks.

 Be encouraged to participate and spread seeds of love in humanity!