It is with great joy that the YOUTH FESTIVAL FOR PEACE – online edition, event that through Art, Music and Prayer, to manifest a spiritual impulse of upliftment and peace to the current generations and new generations – launches the Call for musicians. The music expression, within the Youth Festival for Peace, seeks to radiate peace, harmony and balance, helping in the harmonization of the Planet.

The Festival has a team of volunteers for the Content Commission who selects and organizes the presentations of the musicians and bands playing in the event according to the principles of the Festival.


1.1 – Young musicians and bands from any part of the world, of any race, creed and religion, up to the age of 35, can enroll;

1.2 – The interested parties must enroll directly, through the form, observing the enrollment deadline in each edition of the Youth Festival for Peace published on this webpage;

1.3 – If required by the Content Commission, the candidate should send a video or recording of the songs that they wish to enroll, for their more complete evaluation;

1.4 – The enrollment is free of charge, and information such as address, phone number and email address will be requested in the form.


2.1 – Musicians may enter songs of any music style;

2.2 – The proposals submitted must be in accordance with the principles of the Festival.


3.1 – The proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Content Commission;

3.2 – Filling the form does not guarantee the participation of the artist in the event. The enrolled musicians will be notified, by email, whether or not they have been selected;

3.3 – Only songs that are within the themes and principles of the Youth Festival for Peace will be selected.


4.1 – There is no remuneration for the presentations at the festival;

4.2 Each musician / musical group must bear the costs of the producition of the audiovisual material;

4.3 – The images produced during the Youth Festival for Peace – online edition – can be used by the Youth Festival for Peace and the Youth Campaign for Peace as a way of diffusion. The selected musicians must sign the authorization form that will be send by the Festival’s Content Commission that consents the use of image;

4.4 – The presentations will be broadcasted by WebTv Misericordia María TV and through the YouTube channel of the Youth Campaign for Peace and a recording will be available on the YouTube channel of the Youth Campaign for Peace and Misericordia María TV;

4.5 – The lyrics of the songs must be sent for subtitles to be prepared if the Content Commission requests it for elaboration of subtitles;

4.6 – If the songs are not copyrighted, it is the responsibility of the musician / band to present a written authorization of the author, and to advise in advance so that they are mentioned correctly at the time of the presentation;

4.7 – All of the songs presented must have been previously agreed and authorized by the content production team;

4.8 – The Youth Festival for Peace has an ecumenical character. Therefore, political and ideological apologies or religious proselytism are not allowed during the presentations, thus respecting the cultural baggage that each young person present at the meeting brings with them.

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How can you participate? It’s very easy:

Photographing, painting, drawing and/or writing about the attribute of the next online edition of the Youth Festival for Peace: Sowing Love in Humanity.

Follow these steps:

1- Capture what best represents the attribute “Sowing Love in Humanity” in paintings, photographs, poems and all the creations that may emerge.

2- Send your picture to us through our email: “”

3- Share on your social networks and tag our profile:

Instagram: @youth.for.peace

4- If you already have some material published on your Social Networks and feel that you can join this proposal, you can also tag our profile in the publication and send it to us. And if you also have some material stored at home and you felt it’s time to show it, we’ll love it!

The pictures received will be published and shared on our social networks.

 Be encouraged to participate and spread seeds of love in humanity!