The Youth Festival for Peace is part of the Youth Campaign for Peace, an ecumenical movement that aspires to elevate the consciousness of each young person and to awaken principles of the common good in hearts through spiritual search and fraternal actions.

Check out the principles that guide the Festival!

Connection with the Divine / Love for the Kingdoms of Nature / Vegan Food / Culture of Peace / Fraternity / Ecumenism / Volunteering / More Consciousness


Connection with the Divine

Through music, art, prayer, voluntary service and love for the Kingdoms of Nature, the Youth Festival for Peace aspires to activate in the consciousness of young people the sense of spiritual reencounter with their own inner essence.

Love for the Kingdoms of Nature

Guided by principles of environmental responsibility and conscious consumption, the Youth Festival for Peace summons young guardians of the Kingdoms of Nature who, through each small action, seek to alleviate the suffering of Mother Earth.

Vegan Food

As a practical way of experiencing the principle of “Love for the Kingdoms of Nature,” the Youth  Festival for Peace offers free vegan food to the youth present, demonstrating that it is possible to be nourished in a more peaceful way, in harmony with the planet.

Culture of Peace

From the connection of each young person with their essence of inner peace, the festival aspires to collaborate in the construction of a Planetary Culture of Peace and non-aggression to the Kingdoms of Nature.


Bringing together young people from all over the world in a common perspective, the Youth Festival for Peace aspires to experience fraternity among peoples, cultures, races and creeds. Respecting the cultural baggage of each being, the festival seeks to open space for expression of their inner potential, and for the sharing of experiences among brothers and sisters.


The Youth Festival for Peace seeks to express the Christic principles of Universal Love and Wisdom. Thus, it respects the great spiritual and philosophical traditions which, both in the East and in the West, have worked to develop the attribute of fraternity among peoples and a peaceful and evolutionary relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature and with the planet. In this sense, the principle of ecumenism of the festival is manifested as an encounter with the inner wisdom of these traditions, always taking care so that they may represent safe routes for the inner reconnection of each young person.


Volunteer and non-profit work is one of the main notes of the Youth Festival for Peace. As a practical way of living fraternity, the festival is built by young people who consciously offer their hands and hearts to the selfless service to work for peace through each task in the organization of the event.

More Consciousness

The Youth Festival for Peace is 100% alcohol, drugs and smoke free. “More Consciousness” means preserving a clear consciousness, free from external interference, allowing the young people in the Festival to find a safe space to enter their own inner worlds. The contact with that which is divine and spiritual corresponds to extremely subtle impulses of the inner worlds , which, in order to be grasped and received in the young heart, need some conditions.