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T-shirts printed with the word “Peace” in several languages, from Aymara – language of the indigenous people of the Andes – to Polish, Russian, Arabic, among many others. By purchasing the t-shirts, in addition to always carrying peace on your chest, you are helping the Youth Campaign for Peace to carry out its actions.


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How can you participate? It’s very easy:

Photographing, painting, drawing and/or writing about the attribute of the next online edition of the Youth Festival for Peace: Sowing Love in Humanity.

Follow these steps:

1- Capture what best represents the attribute “Sowing Love in Humanity” in paintings, photographs, poems and all the creations that may emerge.

2- Send your picture to us through our email: “”

3- Share on your social networks and tag our profile:

Instagram: @youth.for.peace

4- If you already have some material published on your Social Networks and feel that you can join this proposal, you can also tag our profile in the publication and send it to us. And if you also have some material stored at home and you felt it’s time to show it, we’ll love it!

The pictures received will be published and shared on our social networks.

 Be encouraged to participate and spread seeds of love in humanity!