Give your testimony service on the online YFP


Send your testimony

The video will be shown on the day of the Festival during the broadcast, and it will also be shared on the social media networks of the Youth Campaign for Peace.

Proposal: Record short videos of yourself telling your experience.

Objective: That people can reflect and relate their life experience based on help and service and can leave a message based on that reflection.

  • At what point did you feel helped? How was that experience? Do you remember a time when you have helped someone or something? Did that leave you with an apprenticeship?
  • Considering that service is a deeper step than helping, tell us about any service experience that you have lived, both for someone, as well as for the planet or the Kingdoms of Nature. What advice can you give young people about that experience?
  • What do you feel that young people could do to help and serve more? Leave us your message for them.

Extra: Send us the video with photos or videos of the experience or of the people who are in it.

After the questions, reflect on the themes and let your heart respond.

Record your response on video and send it to us!