The Youth Festival for Peace is a reunion of young people from all over the world to experience moments of fraternity and spirituality, where prayer, art, music and service are united with a proposal for peace.

The Youth Campaign for Peace is an ecumenical movement that aspires to raise the awareness of each young person and to awaken in the heart principles of the common good through spiritual pursuit and fraternal actions.


The Youth Festival for Peace emerged in mid-2016, in the city of Florianópolis, Brazil, in response to a request made by the Divine Mother in messages transmitted to visionary monastics of the Grace Mercy Order. Inspired by the Sacred Feminine Energy, the Festival is already on its way to its eleventh edition, having passed through eight cities in three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Each Youth Festival for Peace anchors an attribute that, worked through songs, paintings and other various artistic manifestations, are shaped as seeds in the young consciousness.

Check the lines below for more information on the meetings that have been held so far:

1st Festival: July 31, 2016 – Florianópolis, Brazil

Colored by the sincere hearts of the first young people who joined the Youth Campaign for Peace, the first festival emerged in the South of Brazil as a major challenge. The theme of the first edition was chosen by the youths themselves: “Union with the Essence of Nature,” which was present in paintings and songs.

2nd Festival: January 29, 2017 – Florianópolis, Brazil

Attribute: To find, in yourself, a Creator God

The Second Festival worked on the attribute “To find, in yourself, a Creator God,” a note that resonated within the young people who accompanied the II Youth Festival for Peace. Awakening young people like flowers that open in the spring, the II Festival spiritually manifested the search for the essence of love.

3rdFestival: July 30, 2017 – Florianópolis, Brazil

Attribute: Love in consciousness

The Third Festival manifested the attribute of “Love in Consciousness.” Love that, more than spoken, is the one lived in the silence and in the example of each heart. Love that, when finding space to be lived and practiced, gains strength and is able to envelop the world in subtle clouds of transformation.

4th Festival: October 29, 2017 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Attribute: to make all things new

When the Youth Festival for Peace became a pilgrim, the attribute that was expressed at its first stop in Rio de Janeiro was “To make all things New.” Thus, the proposal of the meeting gained new life in order to embrace even more young people.

5th Festival: January 28, 2018 – Recife, Brazil

Attribute: To unite what is separate

Crossing Brazil, the caravan of the Festival arrived in the Brazilian Northeast, reaching Recife. Uniting South, Southeast and North-Northeast, the 5th Festival anchored the attribute “To unite what is separate.” Said in many languages, this phrase became a song offered to refugees from the whole planet.

6th Festival: April 29, 2018 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Attribute: Inner healing through the upliftment of consciousness

In Belo Horizonte, the 6th Youth Festival for Peace focused on the “Inner Healing through the upliftment of consciousness.” Healing that emerges from the inner levels of each being and restores their consciousness from all negative experiences by means of love.

7th Festival: July 29, 2018 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Attribute: Hospitality – To be hospitable to everyone

The seventh edition of the Youth Festival for Peace, in Argentine lands, worked the attribute of Hospitality “To be hospitable to everyone,” through the union of young people of different nationalities in a same cry for peace.

8th Festival: October 21, 2018 – São Paulo, Brazil

Attribute: To radiate Love – in everything, may Love act first

The attribute of the eighth edition of the Youth Festival for Peace in the city of São Paulo brought a great challenge to the young consciousness. Working on the theme “To radiate Love: In everything, may Love acts first,” the festival sought to synthesize an ancient Christic teaching, veiled between the lines “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

9th Festival: July 28, 2019 – Salvador, Brazil

Attribute: “Fraternity: in everything to seek unity and balance”

The ninth edition of the Youth Festival for Peace worked profoundly on the attribute of Fraternity, uniting, under the principle of ecumenism, musicians and young people of various religions and musical styles, from samba reggae to devotional mantras. Like a Maternal hand that comes down to meet its children, the Festival in Salvador left deep impressions in those who experienced it for the first time.

10th Festival: October 20, 2019 – Montevideo, Uruguay

Attribute: “Forgiveness: Reconciling with the center of our being and reconciling with others”

The first festival in Uruguayan lands worked the attribute of Forgiveness, subtly present in each action, from its construction until the big day. The meeting featured three sung versions of the attribute, written by young Uruguayans. In this edition, the space for children was especially enriched with games and playing, awakening the inner child of young people, adults and the elderly. Forgiveness then appears as a door to an encounter with our true Self: the Divine within us, which walks free from any blemish.